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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

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"I think either approach is viable. I was just pointing out that with short segments, not all of the long corridor is visible and thus you have flexibility in determining what is beyond the camera sight line."
I'm a strong supporter of this approach, but don't see how this will help with the short circular corridor segments in the engineering hull:

The corridor segments in front of the window cabins port and starboard (Kirk, Mudd, McCoy)
have a circular nature, the corridor(s) towards the stern of the Hangar Deck have a circular nature and by the time you overlay all these decks with circular corridor segments you may as well go for full circle corridors.

I also have to add that the corridors in front of Kirk's and Janice's quarters on Engineering Deck 12 are equally long as the one from "The Ultimate Computer". In "The Enemy Within" we almost have a perfect camera pan with Evil-Kirk from the turbo lift to the rest of the corridor and Janice's corridor is equally long if we add the visual information of "Janice's corridor" from "The Enemy Within" to the one from "Charlie X".

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