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You had me at Johnny Yong Bosch...

Go-Busters really was not great. I struggled to keep watching it even after the addition of Matsumoto Hiroya from Magiranger who I've always crushed on. I think the problem was they had no real focus. Go-Busters was about too many things and the tone has been too uneven. Plus, the villains were boring. That never helps. Even Enter only has minor eyebrow-raising value.

Samurai (and Super Samurai), for me at least, suffered from being adapted from Shinkenger, one of my top three sentai seasons. I knew going in I was not going to be inclined to like it but I was unprepared for just how much I was going to dislike it. That said, I still enjoy the Super Samurai XBOX game.

YMMV, but I think the problem Saban faces with older fans who watch sentai is that they are always going to compare the two, fairly or not. I think if Saban focuses more on making a quality program, this won't be an issue. But Samurai had wooden acting, and the plots were pale imitations of Shinkenger episodes that more often than not didn't make sense outside the Shinkenger context.
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