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Re: Your Christmas Wish List

Now on to the fun giving... not work-related.

Shopped online for my mom and my best girlfriends at Beekman 1802. Goat milk soap, cheese, signed first editions of their books The Bucolic Plague (for mom) & cookbooks.

It's a local business back home & my mom just adores the guys for helping to bring a small town she loves back from the brink of disappearing.

Most everyone else is getting hand-knit hats & socks this year.

On my list? The only thing I asked for was canning jars. I doubt anyone will get them for me. Which is fine. I can go to the supermarket & buy them myself.

I'm really trying to get *rid of* posessions before I move cross-country again, so adding more stuff would be just adding to my misery.
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