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Re: Your Christmas Wish List

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I've always thought it takes an awful lot of effort to inject such unpleasantry into something as wonderful as gift-giving.
That's my office. It's like everyone regresses to infancy or something.

We used to do the white elephant. Every single freaking year, someone would whine to high heaven about how horrible the gift she got was (it was always the same person). This year I spoke up at a dept meeting & said that if we were doing it this year, I'd opt out because I found the whining and complaining disgusting & childish. She got all defensive in the meeting, saying that it was just unfair that she got such crappy gifts.

She later saw me as I was walking to the ladies room and walked up and challenged me--all 6'1" of her and 5'3" of me. You have no idea how much I wanted to gut-punch her.

This year, we're doing Secret Santa & everyone had to put down 3 wishes on their list.

Thank heavens, I didn't get the bitch.
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