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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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  • He allows everyone to believe that he’s dead, including Alfred, which is devastating. Why not let Alfred know he’s still alive? Hiding the truth while Alfred mourns him seems cruel.
It's sort of like when you want to propose to your girlfriend on your anniversary as a couple. You make plans to hang out, but then act as though there's nothing special about the day, and even play a bit distant. Then, when she's about to burst into tears, pop the ring. Or, for even greater effect, pop the ring right after she bursts into tears. Her charming moment of relief will make it all worthwhile!

... Yes, Nolan's Bruce Wayne totally sucks as a human being. Hell, he spends years holed up in his house and doesn't even get a dog. It's no coincidence that TDK, by far the best of the trilogy, has by far the least focus on him.

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  • Just before leaving, he tells Selina that the Bat has no autopilot. If he reunites with her, what’s the point of lying to her?
It isn't the lie she needs that defines her... it's what she does that serves as an incorruptible symbol of fear. Bat-fear.

... There's no point to the lie, other than for Nolan to fake us out, and make us think he actually will do something original.

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  • Just before detonation, there’s a shot of Bruce and he appears to be piloting the Bat. If he isn’t, what is he doing?
This shot either comes from his imagination, or it occurred, and he did make that resigned face/sigh, but this shot is presented out of chronology, as part of Nolan's fake-out.

There are legitimate reasons for filmmakers to "lie" to or otherwise mess with the audience (Atonement presents several wonderful examples, as does Adaptation), but they should be in service of a theme. The kindest reason for Nolan to do this that I can think of offhand is he's representing Batman's final moment of sacrifice as subsequently imagined by the citizens of Gotham.

But the more honest answer is that he's just screwing with us for the sake of cheap emotional manipulation. TDKR is really pretty crap, IMO.
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