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Re: TNG Caption This! 295: LeadHead's Tardy Start

Riker <above door>: Ok Ensign, now that the bay is clear let's set up the production line on our Tri-D Lego Pentagon™series.

Sir...are you my father?
Absolutely not, Wesley.
I meant in the abstract sense.
So did I.
Well then...literally?
I'll be right there.
Sir? Who are you communicating with?
Hm? Oh, Geordi fraxillated...anion frequency...subspace.

Worf: Commander Data was not kidding. That is one big Lego penis rock.
O'Brien: Damn straight.

Picard: Whatever you do, don't sneak up on her.
Pulaski: Well isn't she empathic? Being a Betazoid?
Picard: That was just an ambassadorial prank that got out of hand.
Troi: I sense...I'm needed on the bridge.
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