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Re: Devil's Bargain cover and blurb

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According to Pocket Books, TOS novels set during the five year mission are the best selling Trek novels, which is why so many are published a year.
In which case, it's time to expand the 23rd century and have interconnectedness (i.e. like Vanguard) the way the 24th century does.
Interconnected with what? In the 24th-century, you have three different television series that you can use to cross-polinate. In the 23rd-century, you have one.

Yes, you can create a novels-only series in the 23rd-century to fill the gap that Vanguard left, but the sales dust isn't going to automatically rub off on that series just because it's the 23rd-century. It's not the 23rd-century that's popular, it's Kirk and Spock and McCoy that are popular. That's the part of the mythology that has seeped into the collective unconscious, that's the archetype that everyone knows. I suspect the reason why 23rd-century, "Five Year Mission" novels sell as well as they do.
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