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Hester? Why did it have to be Hester? Is the fatuous gasbag actually the most morally well-adjusted to blow the whistle on the show? I guess there was a point where other cast members expressed concerns, but they don't seem to be mentioned in any of the articles I've seen about this.

Barry - arguably my favorite character on the show. Always showing up with something bizarre and quirky. Honestly, where does he find some of the shit he shows up with? That aluminum dome-boat on wheels was beyond belief. And yes, anyone who can get Hester to blow a fuse on camera is #1 in my book!

Jarrod & Brandi - He is obviously an idiot and, while she is clearly smarter than him, she doesn't have to rub it in every episode. She is not without her past mistakes, either. It doesn't matter to me if it's a woman doing it to her husband or a guy doing it to his wife, but I generally don't get terribly entertained by public denigration. She clearly has no respect for him and I find that quite sad, as I don't think he's especially aware of her contempt for him. Unless, of course, it's all a scripted part of the show, then...feh...

Darrell - he's another one like Hester who thinks he's smarter than he really is. Some of the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth and falls on the floor makes me wonder if he graduated from grammar school. Two sides of the same coin, him and Hester. If his son could get out from under his thumb, junior could do pretty well as he seems to have some intelligence and knowledge there.

Mark - eh...another self-absorbed fuckwit. Pretty useless with his cash-ladened man-purse and bodyguard goons. Probably why he doesn't show up much on the shows.

Nabila - I like her. She's smart and dangerous and doesn't flaunt it nearly at Brandi's level of narcissism. THIS is how everyone should conduct business on the show, fake or not.

Jeff - A whiner - another semi-useless participant. Constantly complaining about preferential treatment for the other bidders. A big fat "whatever".

Never seen an episode of the Texas Storage Wars series but I hear it's damn near unwatchable.
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