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Re: Rush to be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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It is hard to imagine the ending jam.

I don't see Geddy singing Short People, or Alex rocking out to What About Love?

Maybe not, but you know what? Alex would dig playing with Nancy, I bet, and would have fun with it... That is the beauty of Alex Lifeson!

I've been a busy man this past week and completely missed the announcement... One friend on Facebook posted on my wall that she was concerned that I hadn't posted anything about the "announcement," to which I had no idea what she was referring... She later got back to me and told me.. I was filled with mixed emotions...

I've long held that if any band deserved to be in there, it was Rush, but they have been denied for so long, that their exclusion was more of a badge of honor than anything else, at this point...

I'm over the moon that the fans' voices have finally been heard, but I think had it been left to the powers that be and especially the critics, like the LA Times writer, Rush would never get in...
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