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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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the biggest issue for me has been the recent trend of what happened 6 months ago doesnt matter any more. the whole aj/cena/vickie thing would have been fine if vickie wasnt linked to dolph and edge for periods of time. could have made this work a bit if they just had dolph dump vickie and have her go after aj/cena in a fit of spite.
Actually, I felt that the fact that fans know that Vickie is a giant hypocrite is a good portion of the heat she is getting as of late. AJ even brought up Vickie's questionable relationship with Dolph and Edge and Vickie hand-waved it. That said, the storyline isn't doing a thing for me at all.

The part that actually bugs me (and keep in mind that I am a genuine fan of AJ's) is that within a very short amount of time AJ has persued relationships with Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk, and John Cena. Other than intentions, how is her doing that different from Eve's actions that got her saddled with the unfortunate monkier of "Hoeski"?

Why is it seemingly impossible for AJ (or nearly any modern Diva for that matter) to get by without having a male in the picture to direct all their aspirations toward. Did Beth Phoenix really need Santino to get over as a dominant competitor? Would Awesome Kong/Kharma? I feel like if they really were But, It's a moot point since there isn't a women's (sorry Divas) division to speak of anyway.

I wish Kharma had stuck around longer in the E, I think that would have been fun to watch. But then again, WWE creative had no idea what to do with Gail Kim other than have her hang on Daniel Bryan.
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