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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Iím sure this has been discussed to death, but itís a 67-page thread, so here goes.

Iím puzzled by the ending. There are two possible interpretations: Bruce survives and is at the cafe with Selina, or he dies and Alfred imagines him at the cafe with Selina.

The popular consensus seems to be that he survives. This raises a few issues:
  • He allows everyone to believe that heís dead, including Alfred, which is devastating. Why not let Alfred know heís still alive? Hiding the truth while Alfred mourns him seems cruel.
  • Just before leaving, he tells Selina that the Bat has no autopilot. If he reunites with her, whatís the point of lying to her?
  • Just before detonation, thereís a shot of Bruce and he appears to be piloting the Bat. If he isnít, what is he doing?

The alternative is that Alfred imagines seeing Bruce and Selina at the cafe, just as he used to imagine seeing Bruce there the first time he went missing. The only problem I see with this is Luciusís discovery that the autopilot had indeed been fixed. Thatís fairly easy to dispose of by speculating that Bruce fixes the autopilot and then itís damaged in action. Itís not much of a stretch.

So, whatís the deal?
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