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Re: 2013 Transmission / Shooting Details

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i miss the old days when the Beeb would wait for three years and then show all three years of an American show in one block, week in, week out. by the end of which, they'd probably have years four to seven to carry on with.
That wouldn't be practical these days due to the readily available alternate methods people would turn to.
It wasn't even practical back then, such as when the BBC turned down Next Generation ("I've seen it, it's awful," said BBC1 Controller Jonathan Powell. Actually, he'd watched the first 15 mins of Encounter at Farpoint, according to Private Eye), and then picked it the terrestrial rights after Sky had been running it for three years. Aside from the Sky showing, there'd been rental video releases of the whole of season one (bar two episodes... wonder if you can guess?) and sales of dual standard VHS players got a very noticeable boost around that time... :-)
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