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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Wow -- what judgment of a fictional character!
No different than someone posting volumes of defense for a fictional character.

By the way, have you missed the kind of assessments made of Lori and Shane all over the internet throughout seasons 1 and 2? The Lori character was raked through the coals, when she had more legit excuses for her behavior while thinking Rick was dead.

You're also confusing the Andrea & Dale of the comics, witht he TV show. TV Dale sees Amy & Andrea almost like his daughters.
No confusion here. TV Dale's intentions are not like that of a father, or even an uncle-type relationship (ex. Daryl and Carl).

And regarding Dale and Shane -- i believe he knows that Shane is Rick's best friend & cop partner (maybe even knowing that the friendship was from childhood). And when he saw Shane aiming a gun at Rick -- sorry, but how can you NOT consider that a red flag?! If it were Carol or Lori who saw that, they'd be just as concerned about Andrea as well.
I see his Shane issue with the fact she selected someone other than himself--and even if he did not see Shane aim the gun, Dale still held Shane in contempt for seeing the new world order in a way not packaged by his Neo-hippie views, which were dangerous, as there's no excuse for hiding the survivors' chief defense. It was a selfish, ideologically driven move which could have cost the lives of the entire party if a zombie attack occured at the same time.

Further, Andrea's interest in Shane/wannabe gunslinger mindset should have made it clear she's a different person than he is. She sees the world in a very black and white/do whatever is necessary view--the complete opposite of Dale. This is supported by her other morally questionable acts, such as the psychobabble "test" of the suicidal Beth, and post-Dale, the willing acceptance of post-Dale characters like the Governor, and the excuses she made about Woodbury to Michonne.

Andrea was never the fantasy ideologue conjured up in Dale's mind.

So for Jacqui's case...she didn't bond with anyone in the way Dale & Andrea did.
...which only makes Mr. Lets All Save Humanity even more of a hypocrite in that he--of all people--should have tried like Hell to convince a fellow human being to continue living--not just his would-be girlfriend.
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