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Re: Ships In "The Measure of a Man"

I don't see a problem with a NCC-31911 being commissioned in the 2360s. We have a lack of information on when ships are commissioned, and whether the numbering is sequential or random. I don't dismiss what I don't find inconvenient as easily as you do, Timo.

When I was a member of Memory Alpha, Jorg found himself unable to write an article for Starbase Trailer Twenty-Nine. I took the task upon myself. I view the information on face value. I don't like the inconsistencies, and I wish that Michael Okuda was more careful in his work. However, what has been done can't be undone.

I am adaptable to what the TPTB consider canon. Though I am reluctant to include information from comics and novels in my ship list, I have learned that the TPTB on the new Star Trek recognize the comics as canon. I am adding these ships to the list. I suppose if I am able to understand and enjoy the next film, I will need to bone up on what has been published and what will be published. (I personally hate this synergy between the films and the comics. It began to have greater import with video game franchises, ex. Halo, and has spread to film franchises. Ugh. I have learned that much that is important from a story has been imported to these sources, and, if you haven't read these sources, that you are missing out on details.)
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