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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Finding out about Steiner's library versions of his episode cues has really cleared a lot up for me. I often noticed over the years that tracked versions of Steiner's cues sometimes had elements missing ... variations, like the long sustain on the alternate "Charlie's Mystery," or the version of "Standoff" that's a bit more up-tempo than the original. Knowing that Steiner did separate library versions, and experimented with these kinds of variations that I'm hearing here, explains so much.
It also puts me in mind of the Justman interview in Bond's book. Two things from that interview. One, Justman said that he liked to be on the floor during the recording, so he could point out a fragment and "put a button on it" to use later. I wonder how many of those variations were at Justman's prompting. And two, Justman went on at some length about what a sweetheart Steiner was. I wonder if Steiner had a natural feel for what TV music editors might need, and recorded some variations that seemed obvious to him.

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Were the "Squire of Gothos" cues really played on a harpsichord, or was it the Hammond organ faking a harpsichord? Can Hammond organs do that? Because the tone quality of that instrument was not very pleasant to my ear, and I'm wondering if it's because it was a substitute for the real thing, or because the real thing genuinely sounds like that.
I don't know what was done in this performance, but the harpsichord is famously kind of harsh and dry. There's a reason we listen to the Well Tempered Clavier mainly on piano, now.
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