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WI: The Enterprise-E is stranded in the Delta Quadrant?

Let's say for whatever reason, the Enterprise E is caught in the Delta Quadrant, and finds itself right were Voyager was at Scorpion. How would the crew handle the situation?

I'm looking to pick up an old story idea I had, and flesh out to maybe a few movie-style stories or perhaps a mini-series length fanfic.

A few details:
-Picard decides to rescue Seven from the Borg, has her join the crew, acts like a father figure to her
-Seven wears a normal uniform
-Data gives her lessons on being human

The question would be, how do you see Scorpion playing out? How does Picard's crew handle Species 8472, and how does Picard handle being put back face to face with the Borg so soon after First Contact? How would Picard handle the Equinox' crew? And any particular in-betweens that should be touched on or would be particularly better off had the Enterprise been there?

How do you see Data, Geordi, Riker, Picard, and the rest of the crew interacting with her? I'm guessing Data will give her 'lessons' in being human; Picard would insist on her using her real name; Geordi might try to act like a friend to her; Riker I'm not sure of; Troi would try to get her to explore her emotions, running up against the emotional inhibitor, which might need to be addressed earlier. Ideas?

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