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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Christopher wrote: View Post
Giacchino did use it in ST'09, but only as end-title music, so it doesn't really fit my question.
True. But I think Giacchino and Horner are the only two to use the opening notes before the fanfare in the score proper (outside of the series).

Christopher wrote: View Post
But Mullendore is the only one who used it in the series. Too bad. I think he showed (especially in Impension) that it could be a versatile theme.
Actually I did miss one more in-series use: Wilbur Hatch's "Humoresque" library cue, used in "City on the Edge" when Kirk swipes the clothes, is a variation on the long-line motif.
Yes it is. I missed that that was Hatch and not Mullendore. Love that cue.

Christopher wrote: View Post
How many shows these days use thier title music at all? (If they have any.)
Arrow's brief main-title theme does show up in the episode scores as the title character's leitmotif, I think. Person of Interest and maybe Elementary have used their title motifs in scoring as well. And pretty much any Bear McCreary-scored series is going to use its main-title theme in the episode scoring. McCreary's one of the main people who's brought back a more melodic, orchestral sound to TV scoring.
Fair enough. But as much as I love McCreary and he does use lots of motifs, when did he ever use the second season (first season in the UK) title music in an episode? The first season US credits were tracked FROM an episode IIRC.

And I love Person of Interest.

Christopher wrote: View Post
But it was neat to hear the origin of the sickbay heartbeat sound, and actually hearing the moment when the transporter sound was invented was really something.
The big thing for me was hearing that the "flatline drone" in WNMHGB when Gary plays dead actually was a part of the score.

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