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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Christopher wrote: View Post
Done with Disc 4. I'm going to have to readjust to the original version of "The Enemy Within," since I've gotten so used to the Bremner/Label X suite version over the years. I mean, intellectually I know the difference between the suite version and the episode version, but I listened to the suite version a lot and it influenced my expectations.
My problem with the Bremner recording of this score was, I thought they did not handle the main danger themes very well. For example "Confrontation" from about 1:35 on in the new set: in the Bremner they messed up the tempo or something. I loved the writing of the suite, but my enjoyment of the performance was always tempered by those sections.

(However the solo cello bit [from "Spock Takes Over"] is played very very well on the Bremner. Possibly even better than it's done in the original.)

So it's wonderful to hear Kaplan and the studio orchestra handle it "right". Great stuff.

However, now that I have the music "played" correctly, I find that I miss having it be one coherent piece of music, the way the suite is.
The score is herky-jerky and interrupted the way a TV score has to be, with scene changes and Enterprise flyby's etc. I guess there is no pleasing me. ;-)

Tallguy wrote: View Post
Interesting that it was Justman who insisted on the fanfare whenever the Enterprise was seen. How many shows these days use their title music at all? (If they have any.)
Yeah. It's funny, I find the "flybys" an annoying interruption when I try to listen to the scores now. I've put together mixes of episodes (with the stuff that was available prior to the box set) where I've edited WAV files to get rid of them. But I'd still have to say that Justman was right, it's an arresting signature when you actually watch the show. A powerful scene-setting element.
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