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Thanks. Before we started on Polaris another idea a couple of us kicked around was doing a fan film in a sort of "TOS variant" setting. We even had a starship design:

It wasn't actually going to be the Enterprise, but a couple of years later Anthony over at wanted illustrations for what the JJPrise might look like, so I slapped the 1701 registry on this one and rendered it out again.
This is what the "JJ-Prise" should have looked like. It looks like the original, but with much more detail. I can accept the torpedo tube, if only because everything else fits with what the original Enterprise looked like, just movie-level detail. I think Vektor (another) and deg3D did movie-detail versions also that were really good. Pick one of these three and put them in the next TOS movie. Drop JJ-prise as soon as possible and issue an apology for it.
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