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Re: Kerbal Space Program

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BTW if a Kerbie touches a monolith, does Also Sprach Zarathustra ring out and the little guy get a bit brainier?
Sadly, I couldn't reach the monolith as it was floating and the gravity on Kerbin is too high for jet packs. But something magical does happen if you attempt to touch the monolith on the magic boulder: You explode.

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As R/D = 0.019 radians, and r/d = 0.016 radians, eclipses would probably be annular only.
Yup, annular eclipses happen once every Munar orbit. On Mun, Kerbin completely eclipses the sun once every orbit.

Objects do appear to cast shadows, but I'm now wondering if, say, distant objects such as the Mun do. The shadow for an annular eclipse wouldn't be as pronounced as for a total eclipse, of course.
Planets effectively do cast shadows, just not visually, which is why solar panels don't work on the dark side of planets but you can still see the ships. During an eclipse on Kerbin, the game knows that Mun is blocking light and solar panels don't work, but it remains as bright as normal.

They were working to implement planetary shadows for 0.18, but it was a bit buggy and was held back for the next major release. They showed a spacecraft on the dark side of Kerbin that was barely visible due to the lack of illumination, and said that the effect should work for eclipses as well. So that's something to look forward to in 0.19.
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