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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I only bought Season 1 (the public library has seasons 2-4, which is how I was watching the other seasons) and I like Season 1 enough that I'll probably rewatch it sometimes.
Yes... I know you liked it enough... BUT, the things you didn't like... there's MUCH MORE OF THAT to come... the things you skipped over... THAT'S WHAT THE SHOW IS GOING TO BE ABOUT.

If you didn't like that stuff... I don't think you're going to like what is to come. I'm trying to save you time and grief here.
I'm still not convinced he wouldn't have liked those episodes. He chose not to watch them, which is different than not liking them.

The first season's fish-out-of-water premise is long gone by season 3, though, and the show was never really about John getting home.
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