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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Done with Disc 4. I'm going to have to readjust to the original version of "The Enemy Within," since I've gotten so used to the Bremner/Label X suite version over the years. I mean, intellectually I know the difference between the suite version and the episode version, but I listened to the suite version a lot and it influenced my expectations.
To this day "Fight with TIE Fighters" from Return of the Jedi sounds too fast to me because of a re-recording.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Mullendore is also distinctive for his use of the "long-line" portion of the main title theme, or what I tend to think of as the "song" portion (since it's the part the lyrics accompany). I'm pretty sure he's the only TOS composer, including Courage, who used that motif in an episode score proper as opposed to just titles. In fact, the only other instance I can think of where that motif was used outside of the titles was in Courage's log-entry cues for ST:TMP. Am I missing any?
Yep, you missed two. Horner used it at the end of Search for Spock and Rosenman used it at the end of The Voyage Home (tied for my favorite with quote TMP). Interestingly TMP is the only time COURAGE used it.

But Mullendore is the only one who used it in the series. Too bad. I think he showed (especially in Impension) that it could be a versatile theme.

Interesting that it was Justman who insisted on the fanfare whenever the Enterprise was seen. How many shows these days use thier title music at all? (If they have any.)
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