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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

the biggest issue for me has been the recent trend of what happened 6 months ago doesnt matter any more. the whole aj/cena/vickie thing would have been fine if vickie wasnt linked to dolph and edge for periods of time. could have made this work a bit if they just had dolph dump vickie and have her go after aj/cena in a fit of spite.

shamus just doesnt do anything for me as a face. he was much better as a heel, same with orton. punks role of tweener a few months ago was better. now that hes full fledged heel makes being a fan of his harder. should have kept the anti establishment gig and ran with it against cena as being the corporate guy.

finally, the rock basically guaranteeing the main events of rumble and mania has hurt more then helped. sure ill watch but basically im just waiting for the lead up to start and this is just filler now.
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