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Re: Information age to "Hybrid Age"

Snowjourner wrote: View Post
You get paid to post all these link threads, don't you?
Stop that.

newtype_alpha wrote: View Post
Because an author using his own website to pitch a book that he wrote himself is totally relevant to science and technology.

Spam post is spam.
And that.

Talosian wrote: View Post
Rama, nevermind the trolls.

TrekBBS seems to attract, paradoxically enough, a gang of anti-technological misanthropes.

It's sad, but the West has been overtaken by pessimism. This is not merely an effect, but a major cause of the economic slowdown of Europe and North America recent years, even prior to the great recession.
And that, too. (Don't call people trolls. You will get an infraction for it next time.)

RAMA's problem is not that he "dreams big." There is nothing wrong with that. Speculating about the future is interesting, engaging, and fun. Where I take issue with it is when certain potential future advancements are touted as being "inevitable" or "just around the corner," or when current technological discoveries are played up into being more than they are.

For my money, I'm tired of hearing we're "on the verge" of one thing or another. We're always "on the verge" of a lot of things, apparently, very few of which actually pan out.

I like keeping an eye on nascent technologies, but I also try to view them realistically, knowing that most of what looks promising right now is going to turn out to be impractical, ineffective, or even a total fraud. There's nothing wrong with skepticism. In fact, people who appreciate science as a discipline are obligated to be skeptical. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
You wish you could move like this.
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