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Re: "The Newspaper Strips Vol. 1" hardcover book (oct.2012)

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no one told them that Ilia wasn't going to survive the movie. They stopped showing her fairly quickly when they realized. Decker doesn't appear at all, IIRC.
In the script of "In Thy Image" sold by Lincoln Enterprises in the 80s, the Ilia Probe reverts to a small, burnt-out, inert piece of gadgetry when Decker transcends our universe with V'ger. Then the real Ilia materialises. Thomas Warkentin would have assumed this ending was being used for TMP. (Had the telemovie been followed by regular episodes of "Phase II", which ever script was chosen to be episode #2 would have had a revised opening, with Decker finding a way back to the ship. )

My copy arrived yesterday as well, and it was very much worth the wait!
Sigh. Kings Comics' shipment was divided up by Australian Customs - and guess which box was retained by them for a fine-tooth pre-Christmas search?

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but can anyone tell me what this strip is like?
I loved it! Caught up with many strips in 1984 thanks to the "Nostalgiaworld" reprints.

An interesting old review:
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