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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

I think either approach is viable. I was just pointing out that with short segments, not all of the long corridor is visible and thus you have flexibility in determining what is beyond the camera sight line. It wouldn't be much different as what you wrote in another post where you suggest the cathedral to be not present in the "The Immunity Syndrome" engine room because it is not visible to the camera:
"Moreover, the momentary loss of inertial dampers both on the bridge and in this engine room suggested a ‘cathedral’ facing forward to the bow (however, it’s obscured by the GNDN “transformers” so one might take this as an excuse to be looking at a twin engine room with a cathedral facing aft / stern instead)."
Which would probably be the same approach as well - if it is not visible in all circumstances, then there is flexibility
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