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Re: 3 engine rooms in the TOS Enterprise's engineering hull?

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"Well yes and no. The big difference between those episodes and "The Ultimate Computer" is the long continuous tracking shot down that corridor. The other episodes show segments of the corridor at a time."
While it is true that the Season One episodes only show segments of the circular corridor we do know the corridor layout from the studio set plans but even separated circular corridor pieces scattered throughout the engineering hull will inevitably look odd, lost and out of place.

You and I have illustrated two different approaches in our "blueprinting" TOS Enterprise projects as it is inevitable to do some "tweaking" to resolve the issue (unless we assume the Enterprise to be considerably longer than 1,080' and larger which appears to be an option neither you or I are pursuing):

A) straighten the corridors to make these fit and look better in the engineering hull
B) reduce the corridor radius to fit these in the engineering hull

Obviously I prefer option B because it is the dominant nature of a circular corridor (regardless of radius) that sections of such a corridor disappear from your field of vision as you (or the camera) moves along.

And the movement of Kirk, Spock and McCoy at the beginning of "Journey to Babel" suggests passage trough two circular corridor segments (parallel to one another, same pieces of the studio set) that must have a different radius unless we assume these two circular corridors to connect with one another and form a larger corridor with the basic shape of a "?" (which, IMHO, would look extremely odd and out of place in the saucer hull).

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