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Re: Information age to "Hybrid Age"

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Rama, nevermind the trolls.

TrekBBS seems to attract, paradoxically enough, a gang of anti-technological misanthropes.

It's sad, but the West has been overtaken by pessimism. This is not merely an effect, but a major cause of the economic slowdown of Europe and North America recent years, even prior to the great recession.
Oh I love technology and avidly read about future developments. I just happen to recognize the difference between technological advancement and the self delusion that the world is going to change to the point of being totally unrecognizable in the next 50 years, giving rise to computer AI that if asked "is there a god?", would merely reply "present".

Added to the fact that Rama spends a bit too much time believing every thing he sees and then running here to post "because -exponential! Singularity! Kurziweil says it will come true!" every time he finds some lame site like the one in the OP, yes. it gets tiring to hear it all the time.

One more thing, got any proof that A)"the west has been overtaken by pessimism" and B) it is the "major cause" of the current economic downturn?
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