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Re: Diet Cards vs. Food Synthesizers

We might make a short hop to TNG here and see how Deanna Troi in "The Price" confronts the computer about "real chocolate". The computer argues that it is supposed to be providing healthy food - but Deanna seems prepared to press her point, suggesting that it is possible to talk the computer around to giving the user unhealthy alternatives eventually. Perhaps having the argument is a big part of the entertainment value?

I'd think the system just monitors consumption and reports to the CMO, who can then decide whether to take action. Only in severe cases would the CMO tell the system to enforce a diet.

(like Chapel used to get the kids all the different ice cream flavors)
There's a slight problem with that, in that Chapel is offering the kids combinations of up to three flavors. In order to do that, she'd need a huge number of cards, if the cards are what dictates the combination.

But it's a game, done just to entertain the kids. And quite possibly, the cards play no real role in the game. After all, the game has no rules and makes no sense - Chapel says the cards represent flavors, but then proceeds to let the kids pick the flavors verbally. Even when she claims the result will be a surprise.

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