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Re: Will there be an explaination for how enterprise can go underwater

My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
J.J. Abrams's explanation to Aint It Cool News:

"If that's the thing that's going to keep you from seeing the movie, great! Enjoy your reruns!"
Totally agree. I love that Abrams and company are constantly trying to do things with the Enterprise that is completely unexpected.

Built on Earth. Great! I was tired of seeing the usual spacedock starship porn. Hiding underwater. Why not? After all, the ship is built to withstand intersteller radiation and all sorts of space nastiness (yeah, that's an official term) so as not to kill the crew inside. It should be able to stand a little pressure from a few cubic feet of water.

Does there need to be an explanation? No. TREK got too hung up on explain everything with BS technobabble. Better just have a one liner on it and move one. What TREK doesn't need is more technobabble. Those days are long gone. We've moved on.
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