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Is it just me or does Bettman pull all his offers off the table instead of negotiating from them?
I said this earlier. Bettman doesn't negotiate, he puts an outrageous offer on the table, the players make a counter-offer, then he yanks everything off the table, screams "fuck you everything is gone and we're back to square one," then runs to the media and cries that the greedy players aren't trying. In the past, the league didn't have to worry about that, since Eagleson was a corrupt crook and completely in bed with Ziegler, and Goodenow was an incompetent, ineffective boob who had no idea of how to deal with the league pushing back hard at him. Bettman has never dealt with a union that actually knows how to negotiate, and it is completely infuriating him after two decades of kicking the union around whenever he felt like it.
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