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Re: December Madness 2012: Babe of the week ELITE EIGHT

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As close as the voting currently stands, what's going to be the tie-breaker criteria?

Last time I flipped a coin with heads for the higher seed, but some people got pissed.
Try something along the sporting world tie-breakers. For instance, whoever had the highest percentage of victory in the previous round (or in the general voting that built the brackets) wins.

Or you could do some off-the-wall sudden death thing. Delay the next round by one day and put the two tied ones into a single 24-hour poll with two brackets:

A vs. last year's winner
B vs. last year's winner

Whoever gets the highest votes wins.

One idea makes more sense to most of us as sports fans, the other idea is much more exciting and involves those who like the contest to begin with.
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