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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Done with Disc 4. I'm going to have to readjust to the original version of "The Enemy Within," since I've gotten so used to the Bremner/Label X suite version over the years. I mean, intellectually I know the difference between the suite version and the episode version, but I listened to the suite version a lot and it influenced my expectations.

"The Conscience of the King" is a really good, underrated score. Lenore's theme is one of the best ST love themes, and there's a lot of other interesting stuff too. One thing that struck me, looking at the orchestra list: it has no percussion, and no brass except a single French horn. That's unusual. It's interesting how the different composers economized by choosing different ensemble variations.

And it's a nice touch how "Poison" sort of paraphrases the last bars of "Beyond Antares," which it immediately follows. The song holds up pretty well. Anyone have a transcription of the lyrics?

Mullendore is also distinctive for his use of the "long-line" portion of the main title theme, or what I tend to think of as the "song" portion (since it's the part the lyrics accompany). I'm pretty sure he's the only TOS composer, including Courage, who used that motif in an episode score proper as opposed to just titles. In fact, the only other instance I can think of where that motif was used outside of the titles was in Courage's log-entry cues for ST:TMP. Am I missing any?

And what the heck is the deal with that "5 Sex and 1/2" cue? I know I read or heard something about it somewhere, explaining what it was (since it sure wasn't in the episode), but I can't remember now.
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