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Re: I know who the villain is.

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He's not Soran.
No, no:

It's not Soran.

Little things...
John Harrison's gender is unknown? Damn, JJ is getting really stingy with the details here.
Abrams won't even confirm that John Harrison has a gender.

Actually, I imagine interviews for Trek XIII will go something like this:

Interviewer: "What can you tell us about the villain?"
Abrams: "A villain is a character in a movie who traditionally has an agenda contrary to the one of the main characters."
Interviewer: "But what about this villain."
Abrams: "This villain will have an agenda contrary to that of the movie's main characters."
Interviewer: "So he's causing trouble for Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise?"
Abrams: "Captain Kirk is a main character in the movie. The Enterprise is his ship, and it has a crew."
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