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Re: The Almighty Star Trek Lit-verse Reading Order Flow Chart, Mark II

Thanks everyone, glad you all like it!

Thrawn wrote: View Post
This is the best community, I swear. I did monthly review threads with identical polls for a couple years - along comes Sho, taking all those, standardizing them, and writing a program to collect and compare them. Boom. I do a flowchart to explain some continuity concepts - along comes 8of5, to host and vastly improve it.
One wonders what you will come up with next to complete the hattrick.

DigificWriter wrote: View Post
I like the flow-chart, although I personally would've included more than a single direct 'link-line' from the DS9-R to its Typhon Pact continuations (RBoE, ZSG, PoN, and RtD) and placed the latter four in chronological order.
Well, it seemed quite linear to me, the line from the bottom of the whole DS9 block goes into the box with ZSG and RBoE, and then a line comes out of that box to lead you to RoN and RtD, because they follow on directly from RBoE. There's also another line coming out of Worlds of DS9 to take you over to Paths of Disharmony.

I did forget about the chronology of RBoE and ZSG though. There are a few places where it favours publication order over chronology (Rising Son for example), but I cant recall any particular reason to read them in publication order this time. So maybe will swap next update.

Markonian wrote: View Post
Chronological order? Good idea, Imho.

That makes me think: Would it be a good idea to add dates to the publications?

For example:
Indistinguishable from Magic
Or would this gimmick be a cluttering overkill?
I did think about going even further and having everything arranged spatially to make it conform to a timeline (maybe with lines or boxes going across to show dates). However I quickly realised that would mean spacing things out an awful lot and making it even more ginormous!

I can see the appeal of adding in dates, but it would add another layer of information, and with all the crossing over you get a good ideal of how things align date-wise already, even if the odd book or two aren't listed in perfect chronological order between crossovers.

rfmcdpei wrote: View Post
The Reeves-Stevens' Millennium should be listed with DS9.
I've not read them, do they tie into the wider lit-verse?
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