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Re: 2013 Transmission / Shooting Details

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That's very disappointing. I knew the split season would be wrong. Is it Moffat pushing this or the BBC?

I'm fairly certain the split season was Moffat's choice. I can't see BBC madating that such a short season be split up.

Besides, split seasons are more an American thing, and even then there's been debate for years as to whether it actually helps a show or hurts it. Splitting a season seems more like part of Moffat's agenda to make Doctor Who more appealing to Americans.

Of course, my main problem is that Doctor Who has had practically no presence at all in 2012. Five episodes, plus an upcoming Christmas special, three new novels, one of which was a novelization of an unaired script from 1979. A graphic novel which has actually been sitting on the back burner since Tennant's run and had to be updated to feature Smith instead of Tennant. Character Options was forced to create something new in order to have Doctor Who toys for Christmas. If it weren't for the steady stream of new DVDs from the classic era, you could say there was practically nothing from Doctor Who this year.
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