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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

watch this vid, and tell me if you find something strange about it.

We are playing ISE Conduit, and one of our fleet members does something strange, something that surprises us all, he takes down ninite collector with cube and ninite generators still intact. I didn't ask him how he does it, was too preoccupied with my mission part, getting killed, few times. (does not happen often, but with new borg enhancements creeps have added to the borg in season 7, maco shields stand no chance, something i find ridiculous, and reason why many players have left the game as of late, season 7 is a major screw up, our fleet that numbers 480-500 active players before season 7 started lost half of extremely good players, we did recover our number but only cause many smaller fleets have completely died and many players from these fleets are looking for good fleets to move in to, our fleet being one of the top 10 fleets in this game - level 15 fleet) anyways watch this vid and let me know what you think he has done so i might do the same next time, btw he dies often after, so there's something about him playing suicidal card to get the job done. anyways any ideas?
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