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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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US-Americans have to be (regularly) remembered that the world is a little bigger than the one they know, and English is not the one and only existing communication form.
Yes, but it's possible for the selection to be 'remembered'. That's what they're annoyed with.
I'm watching TNG on a PS3 and not only does it remember my language and subtitle choices, but it also remembers where I was last time and starts playing where I left off, even when I've removed the disc from the player. So this is not an issue with the discs, but with certain BD players.
I watch it with a PS3 too, and sometimes it remembers where I left off, other times I have to select a language and go through the usual process. So it's less to do with the player and more to do with discs forcing you to pick a language each. and. every. time. you load the disc. Sure, sometimes the player may remember, sometimes it won't. I really don't know what the criteria is on that. And, really, it's absurd to force someone to pick a language every time they run the disc.
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