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Re: Questions about Star Trek VHS Prints

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So does that mean that the 1990s "blue box" releases just recycled the 1980s masters?

I know that at least one VHS release of "The Immunity Syndrome" had the first Paramount TV logo, the one that had the Desilu theme music. But I also remember that the 1980s VHS of "A Piece of the Action" replaced it with the Paramount logo from season 3, the one that zooms in onto the Paramount emblem.

I just assumed that all the "black box"/"transporter room" tapes of the late season 2 episodes had the wrong logo at the end, but if those were the only video masters until 1998, then at the very least, "The Immunity Syndrome" had the right logo. (For the 1998 remasters, for reasons I cannot fathom, ALL of Season 2 ended with Desilu, even the episodes that said "A Paramount Production." I believe that this decision carried over to TOS-R and the concurrent HD remasters of the original versions.)

Do you have the original "black box" release of "The Immunity Syndrome"? Can you check to see which logo is at the end?
Yes, the blue box releases on VHS were just repackaged 80's transfers with different Paramount logos.

I'm not sure if I still have the Immunity Syndrome - I did at one time but I sold a bunch of Trek tapes that were collecting dust... give me some time to check.

Edit: Funnily, Immunity Syndrome was the first Trek tape I pulled out! I'll check for you later tonight.
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