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Re: First time watching Enterprise!


I have mixed feelings about this episode. There are some good elements mainly in how different the alien race is. Their still the rubber forehead variety common to all trek series but the design of their ship especially the interior and the long process of adjusting to their environment that involves a 3 hour decompression is interesting to see as usually they just pop over to the aliens ship no problem.

Trip constantly contacting Archer to moan is kinda funny though he acts so childish its also kinda annoying. Unfortunately the episode goes downhill from there. I can tell that its meant to be a funny episode and there are a couple bits here and there that are funny but the main plot of this episode is basically that Trip got taken advantage of by some female alien without even realising it and ended up pregnant. When that kinda thing happens in real life its not considered funny. Yes men cant get pregnant in real life but they can get taken advantage of and it doesnít matter if the female alien didnít think he could get pregnant she was still involving him in her peoples version of sex without informing him.

She was probably very embarrassed when she found out she had gotten him pregnant. I can just picture her fellow crewmates gossiping about it and I wouldnít be surprised if it turned out she was the female alien version of Kirk with a guy on every planet. As for Trips paranoia over TíPol having possibly let slip about his pregnancy I think its misplaced. TíPol really isnít the gossiping kind and Archer is the one who seems to find humour in the situation. Imho it was probably one of the nurses in sick bay that usually hang about silently in the background except for rare occasions where Phlox needs someone to bring him a hypospray or other medical doohickey.

This episode gets one and half stars

Next up is Terra nova

The mystery of a disappeared colony is a good story idea. It really fits in with the idea that humans have been held back from exploring space for so long and only able to observe from a distance until now. Enterpise is out there able to go explore and experience stuff first hand now so naturally it gets sent to find out what happened to the Terra Nova colony that mysteriously went silent all those decades ago.

The mystery of the colony is set up quite well in the opening scene with Travis getting all excited over the prospect of solving it. The Enterprise then arrives to discover an abandoned empty shell of a colony and strange primitive mud people residing in the subterranean cave network and its fun to watch the crew piece together the clues to figure out that the mud people are the descendants of the missing colonists even if it is kinda obvious to the viewers. That scene where the old woman recognises herself in the photograph is quite emotional both in the sorrow for what was lost and cannot be regained and in the frustration at the elder mud peoples continued rejection of a truth so universally obvious.

The only downsides where that poor Reed gets stuck in a cave for most of the episode and itís a bit odd how they completely forgot that they were ever human even if they were only children when the death rain first fell. I hereby award this episode four stars.
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