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Re: Kerbal Space Program

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There's a wiki page somewhere out there that lists a whole lot more Easter eggs - so I'm boldly going where everyone seems to have gone before - sort of like the 10,000th person to climb Everest has to scramble over all the dead bodies (well, until they removed them a year of two ago).
Don't forget the monoliths, I don't think the MapSat mod locates those. The closest is 2km north of the space centre. I've seen it sometimes during launch, but never bothered to actually visit it until today.

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Anyone know if the developers plan to implement a multibody gravity simulation? From what I can tell, they currently use 2-body solutions and bounded domains of gravitation influence for calculating spacecraft trajectories - so there are no gravitational slingshots and no Lagrange points in the Kerbol system. One might have thought that they could have implemented a restricted 3-body or a perturbation-based algorithm.
They've said that the physics engine they're using can't handle n-body calculations, so that's never going to be implemented and we're not likely to see any sort of Lagrange points simulated. But gravitational slingshots are possible in the game, just do a close flyby of Mun and you can find yourself flung out into interplanetary space if you time it right. The Joolian system is an awesome playground for slingshot manoeuvres because of all its moons. During my expedition there in 0.17, I dumped two empty fuel tanks before heading back to Kerbin, and those fuel tanks bounced around gravity-wells in such a way that they picked up enough speed to escape the solar system.

The game also simulates the Oberth effect, so you'll get far better fuel efficiency if you perform your interplanetary burns while in Low Kerbin Orbit than you will if you escape Kerbin's gravity-well and then perform the burn. Last I heard, Mechjeb doesn't know how to do this yet, so that's one advantage to flying manually.
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