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Re: Cumberbatch talks John Harrison [spoilers]

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Would Khan have a cause that we may feel empathy for, as Cumberbatch says the character does?

And on whom is this Khan seeking vengeance?
The people's of Earth that defeated him in the Eugenic Wars.
And how does he get into Starfleet (or at least the "organization," as it's said in the synopsis)?
Using his superior intellect. The details are unimportant but he is a character likely to adapt quickly to his environment. You can see how quickly he is able to take over starfleet ships.

Why does he want to save a little girl?
Cos he is nice (pre TWOK) or the father of the girl has some important position he needs to exploit.

"Is there anything you would not do for your family."

Detonate a fleet to save his daughter.
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