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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I just don't understand why people seem to get offended when people want to watch a show in a way they disagree with?
Because TV stations or DVD/BluRay editors might go for THAT opinion, because its cheaper or just "looks better" on the first sight, since their precious flatscreen is filled, so those who really care for the original look of a show/film dont have the option to watch it this way or have to pay even more, since they have to go for a special edition/TV plan.

"Why make it high quality if we can make it low quality and cheaper and sell even more, because people dont care for the high quality."

And I am pretty sure that HTV released the special effect shots in that quality, because they were pretty sure: "No one will notice anyway, if we do the effects quick and cheap. And the small rest, who actually does notice: F*ck them. They are the minority and play no role for the sales."
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