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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Well, my favorites are still my favorites (and there are many), but I'm actually amazed at how much I am enjoying "Spock's Brain". Granted, I am not one of those that hates it and just dismisses it outright because of its obvious flaws, but the music is really pretty stand out to me. Then again, Fred Steiner set the bar pretty darn high.

I'm also enjoying finally having the source music for all my favorite episode finale 'play-offs' (as I am learning they are called). They are some of my favorite Trek music, especially how they range from somber and curious to bombastically triumphant as the Enterprise typically swishes by and shrinks away into the star patch.
I've had a small collection of ripped finale clips on my MP3 player for years. They were complete with sound effects and dialog from both stand alone endings and other original finale pieces eventually tracked into other episodes, some even combine edited with other music for effect. I had narrowed it down to the best examples (multiple examples for a few) with the least non-musical interference, but I was never entirely certain what episode was the actual source piece for what. I was equally surprised to learn that one of my favorite sad endings (from "A Private Little War") was some of that interesting library stuff.

Now that I know for sure what is the genuine source music, I can clear out my old example rips and replace them with pristine originals. I'm not sure I'll bother this early with editing any two distinct pieces together, but I do have a short cue sheet now that explains the source material for the balance of those rips. I'll retain the rips on my HD for reference I suppose.

Also, some other great scene openers, filler, and source music are starting to reveal themselves. "Go for Baroque" is one of my favorite pieces, even sandwiched between two other segments of music (a 'sweet'ner' and another 'play-off' I'm told) as it always has been at the beginning of "The Conscience of the King." It never once occurred to me that it was the same music playing later during the Karidian company's performance aboard ship. Guess I'm too into the story at that point. Having it here in its entirety though is just perfect!

I actually adore "Beyond Antares" sung by Nichelle Nichols but my brain about exploded when I heard a whole extra verse/chorus of that song I'd never heard before! I'm really just having a blast with this set!
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