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Re: Thoughts on the Typhon Pact (Cold Equations spoilers)

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... the Klingons are an existential threat. I can imagine that attempts to contain the Klingons will be a top priority for the surviving powers.
Cool, I hadn't thought of that yet. However, the Klingon Empire is led by Duras now, who is/was a member of Memory Omega and is, thus, a more mature and less warlike leader. He might be able to contain the Klingon blood thirst for some time, similar to Martok.
One can only hope. If nothing else, Memory Omega's mastery of the Genesis Device will keep Klingon ambitions in check, one way or another.

The Klingons being so extreme in this continuity, shouldn't that propel the Kinshaya into the Taurus Pact, too?
Quite possibly. My impression is that Kinshaya membership in the Pact in the main universe was triggered by the significant pressures brought by the conquest of the Kreel and the destruction of the Kinshaya homeworld--the Kinshaya had to get allies, or die. This doesn't seem to have happened in the MU.
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