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Re: New JJ Abrams interview

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I met JJ and the cast of ST09 when they came to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait to premiere the first movie to US Soldiers. After the movie (which you had to get a ticket for and luckily I got one) the cast and JJ did a questions and answers session. JJ seemed...well...kind of bored. I don't know, I just didn't get a vibe from him that he wanted to answer any questions.

Most people asked questions of Bana, Quinto, and Pine. One soldier stood up and asked Qunito if he wouldn't mind talking to his daughter on his cell. So this soldier called his daughter back in the states really quick told her to hang on a sec and gave the phone to Zach and he talked to her for a few minutes. It was pretty cool.

I did get to chat a bit with Zach and with Karl Urban who was really cool and down to earth.

Overall an awesome experience, but JJ was just kind of blah compared to the rest. Maybe he just doesn't like interviews?

I remember that Quinto incident from back in 2009. Pretty cool indeed.

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