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Re: New JJ Abrams interview

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That's not really how it works. You don't just ditch the customer once you have his money. Ask any salesman. Show him respect, and you'll live off of him for many years to come.

You paid your money, you got your product. When too few people are willing to buy that product, the company's not under any obligation to keep producing it for the sake of a very few people who still want to buy it. They can go out of business that way.

There aren't enough people willing to buy what you're asking for to make producing it worthwhile for the studio. Therefore, you're not actually "the customer" that Paramount needs to satisfy at this point. They don't need or want you to "keep coming back" to buy something that it's no longer in their interest as a business to make and sell.

Paramount's businesspeople are quite able to read a balance sheet. What they're doing now works better than what they were doing before. Therefore, they'll continue to do it. Kissing the asses of a few thin-skinned fans is not on the menu, I'm afraid.
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