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Re: TOS Microtapes: help me settle a debate!

SchwEnt wrote: View Post
There's also the possibility that they are something else entirely.
I'm just saying. Could be.
That's entirely possible, in fact, probably the most likely! But, we were comparing functionality. I was surprised by our different views on it. I thought it was clearly read/write and more similiar to floppy discs/flash drives regardless of what technology was at the heart of it.

Christopher wrote: View Post
And Mr Awe, I didn't mean that punch cards weren't still in use in the '60s; I was speaking more in terms of the relative sequence of the various technologies' inventions, with magnetic tape coming along in between punch cards and floppies. Of course there was plenty of overlap in the actual use of the various technologies.
Definitely true! At the time TOS aired, tapes were the growing technology, floppy discs soon to debut, but punch cards still dominated.

Dalen Quaice wrote: View Post
They look a lot like solid state hard drives to me!
Agree, for technology that we actually have, they seem closest to flash drives. However, I suspect that the producers envisioned actual tape inside of them!

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