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Re: Cumberbatch talks John Harrison [spoilers]

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It looks like even though we learn new things every day, it's not enough for any villain candidate to be ruled out by fans.
It's not (choose one):
A. Khan
B. Gary Mitchell
C. Gary Seven
D. Jean-Luc Picard
E. Trelane
F. George Samuel "Johnny" Kirk
G. Arne Darvin
H. Cyrano Jones
I. Kevin Riley
J. Kang
K. Kor
L. Koloth
M. Korax
N. a tribble
O. Nilz Baris
P. Gorgan
Q. Q
R. Soran
S. Henoch
T. Kollos
U. Janice Lester
V. Captain Garrovick
W. Ben Finney
X. Finnegan
Y. Rose
Z. Boothby
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