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Re: 2013 Transmission / Shooting Details

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If there's one thing that's always been clear, it's that the BBC wants as much Doctor Who as possible. Remember how peeved Peter Fincham was when he grasped that there was going to be a gap year in 2009 rather than a fifth series?
It's pretty obvious that Doctor Who's going to be one of the most expensive shows the BBC produce, and I shouldn't think the same amount of money is there as it was in 2005-2009. If the Beeb are really that pissed off with Moffat's performance, wouldn't they move the show over to a new production team?

Occasional breaks and schedule revamps occur, but moving around as much as Doctor Who has since 2009 is the exception, not the norm. Being Human, Downton Abbey, Merlin, Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes... all recent, all managing to run several years in a row with no more than a couple months' schedule shift over those years.
All have been big recent hits though. 7 years down the line, if they're still going, they would be subject to more changes and schedulers' whims. The norm is what happens to all the other shows. And it seems that Doctor Who is now in that same cycle. It's passed its big success peak, and has now settled down into a comfortable thing that people like. They can rest it and move it about, it'll still find its audience when it comes back on.

I don't "expect" a 13-part season every year; I grasp the argument for an occasional gap or schedule revamp. But the plan for Doctor Who is shifting a lot more than it used to, and I don't think it's surprising that people wonder why.
Well, when you've been watching telly as long as I have, you don't come to expect anything. Shows come back when they come back.
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